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Aging – Don’t Go Down Without a Fight!

I originally started exfoliating because it REALLY helped with my acne (No clogged pores=No breakouts).  It was soooo soothing when my skin started peeling in The Battle of the Bump.  I would do it and then rub a little Burt’s Bee’s on the area.  Really!  It worked for me!  Try it!

I got older, and people started to react when I said my age.  I’m not telling, but people are always off by 10 years.  Exfoliation is my #1 secret.  I use Clinique Exfoliating Scrub in the shower.  Then, while my pores are still open and receptive, I use an AHA and then moisturize.  AHAs are an exfoliant, too.  It’s like a one-two punch!

The Clinique Exfoliant is a bit harsh for many, but I use it everyday  – for years mind you – and love it!  The 7-day scrub is a slower lane, and an award winning formula.  I heart Clinique.


2 thoughts on “Aging – Don’t Go Down Without a Fight!

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