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I <3 Bath and Body Works


I luuurrrve this store… luuurrrve it…. luurr – you get the idea.  I mean the best cheap thrill EVER!!  You may notice a theme in my picture.  Cotton, cotton, cotton…. yes, The Girly Girl wants to smell as though she just came out of the drier.  I have walked past laundromats and been transfixed.  It’s that bad.  I’m one of those Cotton Blossoms devotees.  It is one of the stores best selling fragrances ever.  It has such a following that when they discontinued it a few years back, they did a little tweaking, a little repackaging, and put out a “new” fragrance that was really just  the Exact.  Same.  Thing.  I’ve been won over to Sea Island Cotton (really… I can only tell when I smell them side by side) but some girls still refuse to embrace the change.  Good news, girls – it’s back as a Classic!  Do any of you out there know where I’m coming from?  Just… wave a lighter in the air for me…

Ummm… anyway.  Even the poorest of my fellow girlies can work this store.  Especially if you like the lotion (I don’t.  I MUST have Body Butter or at least Body Cream).   I just picked up a bunch of $3 Shower Gels at the Semi-Annual Sale and I’m set into next year.  I recently stocked up on Body Butter with e-mail coupons.  All I can say is




Even if you don’t, they pretty much give you a coupon every single time you buy anything!

Wallflowers keep my room smelling like a laundry-fresh candle 24/7 and right now they’re $5!  And if you live by an outlet store, which I do… wow.  Just…  heaven.


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