Hair Care

The T3 Hair Dryer – Yeah… I went there.

The Girly Girl is growing out her relaxer.  Ooh, lawd… help me.  It’s been a trying proposition, but I’m starting to see some light.  I’ve been relaxing my hair a loooong time, but the up keep is a little much on my budget.  Make that A LOT.  Plus, I’ve seen the future with older relatives.  20+ years of chemicals is NOT a good look.

I’ve had a melt down… or two… in this process.  By far, the part that will break you is the blow out.  I’d forgotten what it’s like to comb through wet, nappy hair.  All I can say is do not allow any air drying to occur and use plenty of leave in.

$200 for a hair dryer!  What else does it do?  Well, nothing.  But this dryer is a worthy splurge if you have difficult hair.  I think I’m gonna make it through this grow out!  When I dried my hair with my old dryer, I had major frizz and  I was furious that my straightening didn’t last two days.  The first time I used the T3, my hair was MUCH smoother and my styling lasted more than a week.

One thing that has definitely helped has been developing some good blow out technique.  I really liked this YouTube video.  Now, the heat can be quite intense – mostly on your hands.  My easy solution?  A pair of garden gloves!  Works like a charm.

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