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Why I Got On Board with Affirmation Bracelets

bcbg bracelet bcbg bracelet

I remember when everyone was wearing those colorful rubber bracelets, sometimes in place of a ribbon for whatever cause they were advocating. Meh. Then, last summer, my aunt decided to jump on the Pandora craze and I went to the store with her and watched her gleefully design her charm bracelet. It still didn’t do anything for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was cute. It just didn’t make me feel like I had to have one.

Then, on a trip to Macy’s NYC flagship I saw this. LOVE! The BCBG Affirmation Bracelets are cute, trendy and affordable and they make a perfect accessory for a casual outfit. They are especially great to stack with other bracelets or watches. I plan on pairing mine with a wrap bracelet.  I finally settled on the Dream Bracelet in blush with rose-gold letters ($18) but there were several that I liked. A few of my other favorites…

bcbg true

True Love Gold Glitter Bracelet $12

bcbg epic

#Epic Slider Bracelet $9.99




2 thoughts on “Why I Got On Board with Affirmation Bracelets

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