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Quick Tip and a (Somewhat) Dupe

I just love Wayne Goss. Not only is he fun and cheeky, but he knows how to get to the point. His videos are such lovely little 4 minute snippets for even the most attention deficit challenged among us.

This video gives a great tip for blending your foundation for a very natural look. Freshly hydrated skin goes a long way in blending your makeup. My favorite way to wear a base is to create a custom tinted moisturizer by mixing some foundation, concealer or mineral powder with my moisturizer.

When I want to go for fuller coverage, I often do some variation on the tip from this video, spritzing a facial spray before foundation and between steps. Wayne suggests the Chantecaille Pure Rosewater, but that stuff is crazy expensive!

chantecaille pure rosewater


Chantecaille Pure Rosewater ($62)

One of my frugal favorites is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray which kinda does the same thing, leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated. It’s what I use between steps when I’m doing my makeup.



Mario Badescu Facial Spray ($7)

Granted, the Chantecaille version lists pure rosewater as the first ingredient. The Mario Badescu says rosewater on the front but then only lists Rose Extract as an ingredient. What’s up with that? Roses + water does NOT equal rosewater. Whatev. It’s only seven bucks and it works.


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