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I’m OBSESSED with The Linda Perry Project



hunter valentine linda perry project

Let me be more specific. I’m obsessed with the Hunter Valentine drama. Don’t get me wrong. Anjuli is cool. Vanjess is cool. More on that in another post maybe. But the past couple weeks I’ve been like, “Aimee should front her own band. Aimee WANTS to front her own band.” And let me also just get this out of the way. I don’t feel bad for any of the parties involved. I think that Kiyomi and Laura liked her “star power” and that’s why they wanted her in the band. Aimee wanted to work with musicians who were getting stuff done and that’s why SHE wanted to work with THEM.

Problem is, I sense from the beginning that the relationship was dysfunctional – before they met Linda, before cameras started rolling, before all that mess. I mean,  you can’t want a star on the one hand and then be a wuss when it’s time to fall back and let them take the lead. And if you’re going to be a star you need to grow a pair and step up to the lead and let the chips fall where they may. That’s why we love people like Steven Tyler and Jon Bon Jovi. They take all that quirky weirdness and charisma and just lay it out there like BLAM! There it is! Take it or leave it, love or hate it.

Kiyomi is an amazing musician, but I wonder if somewhere deep down she feels that maybe she doesn’t quite have the drawing power as a front woman to get her career on the level she wants to take it to. She and Laura have been at it for years and it hasn’t jumped off. They tour, they keep it moving, but that major label deal has never quite landed. So maybe it was time for a change. Change is hard.

Now this show and this opportunity has forced their issues to the surface. It’s not Aimee’s fault, it’s not Kiyomi’s fault, it is what it is. I must say though, Kiyomi’s bitchiness is not smart… understandable to some extent, but not smart. Linda obviously likes Aimee, she wants Aimee. You? Not so much. So what do you do? You alienate Aimee and create a “me or her” scenario and force Linda’s hand. OK, forget you. Bye girl. (Which is what the previews of next week are alluding to). Linda has millions of dollars and a couple of houses IN THE SAME CITY. You thought a stupid work visa would be enough to get in the way of her Aimee project? Seriously? A bit of graciousness would have served you well, Kiyomi. Just sayin’…



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