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Stack ‘Em Up!

stacking bracelets

I’ve been seeing a lot of stacked bracelets and wrap bracelets and I have to admit, I think they’re super cute! As I said before, my purchase of a BCBG affirmation bracelet has inspired me to get on board with the trend. I started experimenting with my own jewelry collection and came up with a few variations.

screw bracelet

I’ve been seeing these knock-offs of the Cartier love bracelet and decided to score a couple for myself. I found this bracelet on a website called Ali Express for $4 each. I like them because they have a hinged opening that lets me fit them where I want on my wrist. I arranged them with my DREAM bracelet and a Betsey Johnson bracelet I found in a consignment shop (this one is quite similar).

wrapping braceletsI also tried pairing my DREAM bracelet with a wrap bracelet I had (find a similar one here).

silver bracelet

One cool thing about this trend is that it’s easy to emulate with a little creativity. I had an old chain belt that I haven’t worn in years, and it’s got a new life as a wrap bracelet! It also works as either a double or single strand necklace.

forever 21 bangles

This trend is absolutely everywhere at every price point. I found this set of bangles at Forever 21 for $6! At first I though they would stack on my wrist the way the hinged bracelets do, but they are too big for that.


They’re still really pretty and pair nicely with the Betsey Johnson bracelet.

forever 21 set

You can get a set already put together at a very budget-friendly price, like this set from Forever 21 ($8).


ralph lauren wrap braceletIf you’re interested in something a bit more high end, this LAUREN Ralph Lauren wrap bracelet ($58) has a sleek and classy matte silver toggle closure.




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