Just Me

The Winner Is!


Well, The Linda Perry Project has come to a close. I must say, the finale was quite satisfying! I feel like you really got to see each artist at their best in their final performance, and Linda’s decisions were well thought out. Some of it I expected, but some of it was a surprise. Linda really made the journey interesting.

Kiyomi made up with Aimee, and I really respected that. I’m glad they could get their friendship back on track.

So… who did Linda sign? Anjuli and Aimee were my personal faves, and Anjuli’s final performance was mind blowing! She brought in a gospel choir and delivered this captivating mix of hip hop and soul. I also loved that she totally departed from hip hop style with a classy, sophisticated look that totally worked for her. The look and the music just all came together perfectly!


Aimee’s performance was vulnerable and emotional. She is the kind of compelling performer who knows how to command the room. I really felt that she had the most star power of any of the musicians in the house. It was no surprise when Anjuli got signed. Aimee walked away with a development deal – I just knew Linda wasn’t ready to let her go.

The unexpected twist of the show was Candice. Linda signed her, too! Her song was really lovely, I think she’ll put out a beautiful record.

I’m ready to see where things go now that the show is wrapped. The artists Linda kept on have been working with her for six months now, so hopefully we’ll hear from them soon. Great show!


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