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Shop First, Ask Questions Later

jewelry shopping

I recently did a focus group to make a couple extra bucks. I know there are some very mature, responsible people in this world who would have thought it was a great opportunity to catch up on some bills. Some people would have thought, “Great! I’m going to get some practical and useful things”. Me? Not so much. With my Visa gift card burning a hole in my pocket, I beat a path through downtown Philadelphia, collecting all the pretty baubles I had been eyeballing over the past weeks. I started at 21st and Walnut, and by the time I made it to 16th I had a full bag and an empty gift card. It was only then that I stopped to think. Wow. I bought ALL the jewelry. #sorrynotsorry

fleur de lis boutique

silver toggle bracelet

First, I picked up this silver toggle bracelet in a cute little consignment boutique called Fleur de Lis at 21st and Walnut. They had some amazingly cute stuff! You all know I have been obsessed with stacked bracelets lately, and this was the perfect piece for that.

Stacked silver braceletsI fished around in my stash and came up with this combination. It’s exactly the look I’ve been going for.

lacquer lounge philadelphia

Just a few doors down was the Lacquer Lounge. I stopped in there with a friend a few weeks ago just to check out their small jewelry display and I found…

pink bib necklace

THIS! I loved it! I just thought it was so much fun. Since I was on the block I went in to see if they still had it – and they did.

mini stix necklace

On a recent trip to NYC I stopped in H&M and found this necklace and resisted the urge to snatch it up. It just kept playing with my head, I began to think of it as “mini sticks”. When I didn’t see it in the H&M on Chestnut, I decided to let it go. But then, as I was making my way down Walnut I saw another H&M. Wait… were there TWO H&Ms in downtown Philly? Two blocks from each other? Yes… yes there was. I walk in and what do I see? Mini sticks! Out came the Visa card. At least it was only $10 bucks.

After I hopped over to ULTA to pick up a Real Techniques makeup brush and some gel liner, I finally slowed down to think of all the useful things I could have bought. Hmmm…

I went home and decided to do some jewelry shopping that was far more wallet friendly. I’m talking about shopping my stash.

linda perry

As I’ve said before, The Linda Perry Project has been my favorite show this past month. During the final episode she wore this layered necklace combo and I thought it was so cool! I wanted to see if I could re-create the look with jewelry I already had.

silver wrap

I recently talked about finding this old belt in my collection and giving it new life.

layered silver necklaces

I paired it with a Lucky Brand necklace and got the look I was going for. What do you guys think?






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