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Marshalls Haul! (Plus More Stacking…)

Marshalls Collage

Well, I went into Marshalls the other day, and came out with everything except what I went in there for. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I did find some really cool stuff!

grey sweaterI blame Jaclyn Hill for this. She did a “Get Ready with Me” type video about a year ago and I was taken in with the easy-breezy look she got by pairing a flowing sweater with leggings. I think I nailed the sweater with this find.

latte mug

This mug is so cute! It’s that perfect shape where you can easily use it for a dainty cup of soup or a latte, but it’s not one of those ridiculously over-sized versions. Who drinks a latte that big, anyway?

tweezerman tweezers

I got a pair of mini Tweezerman’s a while back since they were on clearance. I just wanted to see if they were worth the hype and oh… my… goodness. They rock! They really do grab every teeny-tiny hair. I know these full sized stainless steel ones usually retail for more than twice the price I paid, so I decided to pick them up. They’re actually even better than the mini version!


After I did my damage at Marshalls, I went across the street to the mall. There I found this cute little bracelet at Nordstrom’s Rack. You all know I have a thing for stacked bracelets, and this little cutie fits right in.

stacked bracelets

I love how it looks with my other bracelets. I’m definitely working this in the next time I wear gold jewelry.


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