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Konad Krazy


(From Konaddict)

I’ve professed my love of Konad nail stamping on several occasions but lately I’ve fallen into a bit of a creative rut with my designs. Really… must I always use the butterflies? I started browsing the web and my picture archives and got inspired all over again by what was possible. I figured I’d share some tips and ideas that I’ve gathered over the years that I’ve been using the system.

This video is an excellent place to start. It really tells you all you need to know for successful stamping.


(from Eliana Senhorinho on Flickr)

Multiple Stamps

Using more than one stamp and different colors is the simplest and fastest way to get a jazzy manicure quickly. You can start with a full nail stamp like the fishnet design from plate M57 and then stamp a flower over it in a contrasting color.

half moon manicure

 (from emeraldsparkled on Flickr)


 (from Konaddict)
(from Elle and ish)

Half Moon and French Manicures

Konad takes French manicures to another level. There are stamping plates specially designed for French manicures like M19, M44 and M45. Some stamps arc across the nail and are great at hiding a less than precise tip.


 (From Jamie Liew)

Gradient Nails

Try doing a gradient nail with stamps in coordinating colors. You can achieve a gradient nail by just placing more paint at the tips, but sponges are also helpful. I like to use those cheap eye shadow sponge applicators. You can buy a pack of them for a buck or two.

aqua nails

 (From Violet LeBeaux)

Multi-Colored Bases

Create a multi-colored base by dabbing different colors on your nail and swirling them together with a toothpick or a clean nail art brush. You can also dab the polish on with a sponge. Finish with top coat to even things out, place your stamps and add another layer of top coat.

double stamp

 (From Hay Eamn)

Double Stamping

Try placing the same stamp in contrasting colors right over top of each other for a cool effect.

(From Polish and Konad)

(From Enamel Girl)

(From Emily’s Nail Files)

Theme Designs

Both Konad and Bundle Monster make themed plates for holidays. Halloween is right around the corner, and a spook-tacular manicure is a lot of fun. All of these designs were made with Bundle Monster plate BM-013.


 (From The Nailasaurus)

(From Fetching Konad Nails)


(From Cosmetic Cupcake)

Chrome Stamping

Even if you only use one stamp, chrome polishes give any manicure a sleek, sophisticated look. A monochromatic design can elevate a neutral polish, and chrome over a black base gives you some serious drama. China Glaze chrome polishes are especially good for nail stamping.

Add Ons

Glitter, foil, rhinestones, crackle coats and decals can all be used with stamping to make a really one of a kind design. The options are limitless. I’m convinced that pretty much any manicure can be improved by a touch of glitter… and of course, some stamps.



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