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My 5 Fave YouTube Vloggers


youtube vloggers

I’m a total YouTube junkie. More than any blog, catalog or magazine, on- or off-line, I get my daily dose of videos. I’ve had this habit for years and I’ve developed a well-edited list of subscriptions. That being said, I thought it would be fun to share the five vloggers I love to love whenever I sit down with my laptop.

I realize that only one of my faves has less than half a million subscribers, but I have watched at least one video from at least half the beauty gurus on “the Tube”, and I stay on the look out for new talent. What can I say? These five know how to keep my attention… and everyone else’s.

#5 – Carli Bybel

The top three took shape rather quickly, but number five was the toughest. Several names floated through my head. Tati? Fifi? Shaaanxo? What about Makeup Geek? I’ve been watching Marlena for years and her makeup line is fabulous. For a moment I was sure it would be SMLxO.

I came to realize that this spot would come down to entertainment value, and Carli is a production genius and a fantastic on-camera personality. Right from the opening she puts you in a good mood with great music and an inspiring quote. Flawless editing, great lighting, perfect music and makeup looks that do not disappoint all make this a great channel. Her makeup looks are always inventive, beautifully blended and wearable. She also comes up with some very creative video ideas like her color series.

I think Carli’s fashion sense is evolving from fun and fabulous to something more sophisticated. I mean, she loves those Ludora Boutique earrings but I just… I can’t. However, her latest “Date Night” video showcases a look that was head-to-toe flawless and could easily translate to a magazine layout and her Louis Vuitton bag is just downright lust-worthy. Her fashion buys are often cheap and chic, but she has a keen sense of style and balances her looks with just the right amount of accessories and fun, creative touches.

#4 – Wayne Goss

Wayne just gives you the goods, all meat and no bread. His channel is just these lovely bits of beauty genius, and you’ve got to love his cheeky attitude.

Wayne is all about giving you simple tips that will improve your makeup routine, and it hardly ever takes him more than ten minutes. I really liked his latest tip on making your own corrector. I have the perfect concealer for it that’s just been sitting neglected in my stash for months!

#3 – Emily Noel

Emily Noel built my makeup collection. It’s just that simple. Not only did she teach me how to shop the drugstore and what to look for in a great product, she really expanded my makeup world to get the most out of whatever I had.

Her channel has helped me be a lot more adventurous and confident with makeup to where I can usually achieve whatever look I’m trying to create. I’m not frustrated by makeup because I understand how it behaves and wears on the skin. A product with weak pigmentation just needs a base, a drop of Visine or a spritz of water to come to life.

Now I mostly watch YouTube for fun and inspiration, but I still come back to Emily. She’s a great teacher and she always has something new.

#2 – Jaclyn Hill

I watch Jaclyn just because it’s Jaclyn… on full screen without the option of toggling to something else when I get bored. Why? Because I never get bored. She is just so dang confident that she could tell you to use Kool Aid for eye shadow and you know what? You’d probably try it. Because she delivers all her makeup know-how with total conviction. And you know what? She’s usually right. Jackie told me Sigma kabuki brushes were bomb dot com and she was right. Ditto for MAC Pro Longwear Concealer.

This is totally not makeup related, but I’ll say this. I really admire her for marrying young. In a hook up culture society where everyone seems to think that adult responsibility should be put off for as long as possible (get a diploma first, get a degree, kiss a lot of frogs, blah blah blah…), she decided what she wanted to do and she did it – just like she decided to be a makeup artist. You go, girl.

#1 – Pink So Foxy

I have such a girl crush on Jaclyn Hill that for a moment I considered making it a tie for 1st place. But I have one (slightly) bigger girl crush, and that’s Christine a.k.a. Pink So Foxy. I feel a real kindred spirit with Christine. Her channel is more than beauty, it’s all about adventure, ideas and getting creative. She’ll pack up her life and take a journey across the world or transform a thrift shop dresser into something special. Her D.I.Y. vanity tray has got to be my favorite project – I have vowed to try it at some point.

I really do love her sense of style and her boho chic way of dressing. Her channel is such an intriguing medley of makeup, projects, travel and fashion that I’m always down for the ride when she puts up a new video. I even tried watching that Invisalign video until she started talking about her tooth extraction. Yeah… that got a little uncomfortable.

I highly recommend Pink So Foxy if you’re looking for a change of pace. She really stands out from the beauty guru pack.


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