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My Day at Makeup in New York


I’m a freelance writer, and I was recently asked to cover an event called Makeup in New York. Being as makeup obsessed as I am, I was quite excited to spend a day at an event devoted to the subject. The vendors were manufacturers and cosmetics labs. This was a B-to-B event, so I actually got to see some products and packaging ideas that haven’t hit the market yet.


makeup in new yorkThe event was held at a space in Chelsea, and they had some very cool displays of vintage makeup packaging.


Don’t you hate it when your gel eyeliner dries out halfway through the jar? This company has come up with a nifty idea for air tight packaging so you get every last bit of product. I would totally buy this. I wonder if it can extend the shelf life of makeup?


This product reminded me a lot of Mally Beauty’s Poreless Face Defender. I’d love to see this product come out at a lower price point.


These eye shadows were gorgeous – super pigmented with NO primer.


This company had a nail care line that was as good as a skin care line with masks, creams and oils for your nails.

I also attended a conference on beauty trends in Korea, Japan and France.

FUN FACT: Women in Korea and Japan have rooms at work and even in stores dedicated to touching up their makeup, complete with shelving, storage space and mirrors. It sounds a lot cooler than whipping out your makeup bag in the bathroom. However, there is an expectation of perfection every minute of the day. I don’t think I want the pressure. I’m not getting dolled up for a run to the corner store.

FUN FACT: Women in France are much more chill. It’s all about minimalism. A woman can accent her lips or nails with color, but not both at the same time.



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