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Coming to Center City… Nordstrom Rack!!!


I remember the last time this happened. I was walking down Walnut Street when suddenly the heavens opened and the angels sang. There it was… an empty storefront with papered windows and a small sign that said, “ULTA – Opening XXX”. Y-A-A-A-ASSS! No longer would I have to haul my cookies out to Plymouth Meeting to visit my dream beauty destination! It would now be just a train ride into Center City. This TOTALLY made up for the store they closed in Willow Grove. ULTA opened on Walnut and it’s been happily ever after. I stay in that basement scoping out the NYX products.

Now, on Chestnut Street in Center City Philadelphia they again have the papered windows and a small sign – this time for Nordstrom Rack! I’ve said before that Nordstrom Rack is an excellent place to score a deal on high end beauty products. They also have a great selection of shoes and accessories. I once picked up a fantastic pink lace coat dress for far below its original retail value. My aunt swears by the store to find women’s shoes in hard to find wide sizes for an affordable price.

It’s just a few doors down from Sephora. This could be dangerous…

It opens on October 24th. Are you as ready as I am?


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