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The British Invasion – Beauty Brands from Across the Pond


UK makeup

It’s always fun to see what the other guy is doing. In the case of beauty products, the UK has some standout offerings that are so good they are catching on stateside. The Brits brought us Rimmel and we’ve got to love them for that. Here are some other imports worth checking out.



This brand is technically Polish, but it’s been huge in the UK for years and it’s just too good to leave off the list (I’m a personal fan). This brand has been the hot ticket at makeup conventions like IMATS and The Makeup Show for the past couple of years with beauty junkies mobbing the booths to get their hands on the goodies. They also made a big splash at the closing show of Fall 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. They are expanding their reach in the US market with Macy’s and are currently in more than 20 stores with plans to be in at least 48 stores across the country over the next couple of years. You can also order the brand on Beautylish.

What to try: The Freedom System gives you department store quality makeup with superior pigmentation at affordable price points. You can build your own Inglot palettes or simply put the pans in your own magnetic palette.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brushes

Beauty guru Wayne Goss is one of the most respected makeup artists on Youtube. He’s so particular about brushes that he had to create his own, and the first releases of both of his brush collections sold out immediately. He uses natural hair and goes to great lengths to ensure that they are cruelty free. The brushes can be ordered online at Beautylish.

What to try: The No. 2 crease brush will change your makeup life.

charlotte tilbury bronze and glow


Charlotte Tilbury

Wayne Goss could not stop singing the praises of this new line by his friend and mentor Charlotte Tilbury. He was so psyched he bought just about every item they carry… out of his own pocket. If you want to try something new and you like to get the good stuff, you can now get this brand through Nordstrom. Word on the street is you can also score this brand on Haute Look.

What to try: Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow is a lovely bronzer / highlighter duo.

sleek makeup

Sleek Makeup

Sleek Makeup offers great palettes with fun colors and affordable prices. The pigmentation and quality are excellent. If you are a woman of color and you hate those eye shadows and blushes that look great in the pan but do nothing on your face, try something from Sleek and see if you don’t get an amazing color pay off.

What to try: Sleek Blush by 3 gives you a lovely flush and glow.


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