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Drugstore Makeup Haul! PLUS a Little Something from ACW

drugstore makeup 1Hey Girlies! It’s time for a bit of drugstore makeup that I’ve picked up recently. There is a beauty supply store about two blocks from me and I walk past there (and in there) all the time. It’s very convenient for picking up hair products. I’m in there one day and they are having a sale on NYX cosmetics like everything must GO! All NYX products ONE DOLLAR!

Umm… whaaaaaat???

The makeup junkie in me was not going to pass that up. I LOVE NYX! Their cream blushes are the BUSINESS! Let’s get to it.

nyx eye shadows

nyx eye shadow swatchesI got three of their eye shadows in Highlight, Ocean and a matte pink color that did not have a name on it. Highlight is a very pretty pale, matte gold color. It has a beautiful sheen and I think it’s going to be great both under the brow and on top of the cheekbones. I really prefer highlighters like this to ones with shimmer. The matte pink color was an unfortunate casualty of a failed de-potting effort which is why it looks so wonky in the pan. It also did not have a label. I’m not sure how I’ll use it yet but I do like it. Ocean is a gorgeous shimmer. I’ll use it one day when I’m feeling adventurous.

nyx pigments

nyx pigment swatchesThe Pearl Mania loose shadow in Mocha has a gorgeous shimmer and a great color pay off and the swatch does not do it justice. The Glitter Mania pigments in Silver and Apple will be fun to play with.

nyx mauve

nyx mauve blush swatch

I’m really digging this NYX Mauve blush. It’s a subtle color that still shows up on my tan skin. I prefer to play up my eyes or my lips and keep my blush pretty neutral, and this really does it for me.

milani naturally chic

milani naturally chic swatch


I’m really excited about this Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Naturally Chic. It can be hard to find a great nude for dark skin. It never looks on your lips the way it does in the tube, so you are really rolling the dice if there’s no tester. You often get a pasty look or no pay off at all. The trick is to know what undertones you are after and pick a darker shade in that family. I really love how this comes off as a soft, flattering, baby pink when I wear it. I don’t need a liner to make it look good either.

Not only does it have a creamy texture and beautiful color, the packaging is great and you really feel like you’re getting a luxe product. I’ve seen a lot of reviews on these lipsticks and they really do live up to the hype… and they DO smell like Now and Laters!

NARS Laguna

nars laguna swatch

I talked about picking up this NARS Laguna Illuminator from ACW, and it’s everything I was hoping for. It just gives you that dewy, luminous glow with no shimmer. It’s going to be great mixed in with foundation or as a blush topper.

eco tools blush brush

eco tools blush brush

eco tools blush brush 2

I had a $5 off of $15 coupon for Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and I let that be my excuse to pick up yet another blush brush. Hey, it was practically free, right? I really wanted to try this brush and I think I’ve found The One. It lays down just enough color and the fanned-out shape lets you pat it on and then use the fluffy side to blend it out. It’s just firm enough to pick up color and super soft. LOVE!


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