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H&M Haul

hm Collage

“I really like your necklace.”

I was standing at the checkout counter in Ulta, giving myself a mental pat on the back. I had been a very good girl. I came in, got my conditioner and went to the counter. With my coupon and the promotion they were running I had pretty much gotten two bottles for one. I did not pick up a bottle of the pretty nail polishes they had on clearance, even though they were only three dollars. I had been a very good girl.

One of the ladies at the checkout counter was wearing the most lovely necklace with two circles joined together. I had been coveting such a necklace – just a dainty charm on a delicate wisp of a chain. I had admired similar styles worn by some of my favorite YouTube vloggers and thought it was just so pretty and feminine. I had passed up a similar style in TJ Maxx, not wanting to spend a hundred dollars.

“Thanks!” she said. “They were $5 at H&M”.

Wait a minute. What?


My casual chit chat with the checkout lady was taking on new meaning. Yes, it was at the H&M right on the next block. Yes, she had just bought it Saturday. After blinking hard at her several times, I rushed out the door and up the street.

I got inside the store and asked about it and soon the coveted chain was in my hand. Problem was, I had already scoped out several other things that were equally cheap and cute. I tried to leave. Really I did, but my carefully planned budget was melting from my mind. I picked up a seven dollar shirt and forced myself to put it back, only to turn around and see an equally cute six dollar shirt.

I had been in H&M before. It was cool. Not as cool as Forever 21, but yeah, I liked it. For the first time I was seeing this store for what it really was. Everything was on trend. Everything was respectably well made. Nothing was cheap and tacky. Most of all, nothing had a price tag big enough to make you think about what you were spending. This store was a money-sucking vortex from which I might not escape.

That being said, onto the haul.

necklace Collage

hm necklaces

These two necklaces were made for each other. I love how they layer together. The single circle was only $3.

hm necklace 3

hm layered necklaces

The three necklaces together are the perfect way to dress up a tank.

hm bangle

hm stacked bangles

This chunky bangle has a hinge opening and looks great with my bangles from Forever 21.

hm top

This shirt was the perfect layering piece with my flowing sweater and some tights. It really captured the easy breezy look I was going for.

All told I spent a little over thirty bucks. I’m onto you H&M…


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