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Trending Now – The Off-the-Shoulder Shift Dress


olivia lopez

I have been lusting after the “For Love & Lemons” Precioso dress for months now. “Who What Wear” ran a feature over the summer of The 10 Best Bloggers with Feminine Style, and the article featured a picture of Olivia Lopez wearing this sexy, flirty lace dress while perched against a wall overlooking some picturesque Italian village. I was totally buying what she was selling. I wanted to look easy, breezy and sexy… even if I was clomping down a very American street without a hint of rustic, old-world charm. You know what they say – fake it til you make it.

love lemons preciosoSo I finally got around to obtaining this dress several months after the fact. It was no easy feat, but I found it in my size on Bluefly ($194) and got a very nice discount for my first time order.

I’m always feeding my YouTube addiction, and I came across this video from Jenn Im. She is rocking a very similar style in a mauve color. Wait a minute. Is this a thing?

Apparently it is. It’s super girly and very demure with huge, floating bell sleeves and lots of lace. The shape is very forgiving but you still get plenty of sex appeal with the exposed shoulders and high rise hemline. You get total comfort without sacrificing one iota of style which makes it extremely versatile. Lately I’ve been seeing it everywhere.

for-love-and-lemons-sangria-dress-in-crimson (1)

For Love & Lemons has mastered the look with several swoon-worthy variations. The Sangria dress ($194) turns up the heat with a rich crimson color and a daring keyhole at the neckline.


The Kirsten dress ($44) skips the lace and has a soft color with a gorgeous ruffled sleeve.

desert island paisley

I love the rosy-beige, brown and navy color scheme in this Desert Island Paisley dress ($58). It would make a great casual weekend dress.


The Swell Rolla Off the Shoulder dress ($45) is another great option and the mixed prints on the sleeves make it interesting.

I know what you’re thinking. Come on… it is getting WAY too cold outside to be walking around in something like this! You can definitely make it more weather-friendly with cozy accessories like thigh-high socks, tall boots, tights and scarves.


The For Love & Lemons Festival dress ($194) gives you a bit more coverage on the shoulders.

One serious drawback of transitioning this style into colder months would definitely be finding some outerwear to go with it. Getting those ginormous sleeves into a coat could be super awkward. I have found the perfect solution!


A cape solves everything! You get warmth and coverage without having to crush your cute bell sleeves. This Buckle Woolen Cape Coat from Sheinside ($63) has a simple style and neutral color that will go with everything.


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