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Upcycling Old Jewelry


My mother never throws anything away. I was raiding one of her old jewelry boxes when I came across this broken necklace. Not only was it missing a clasp but the connectors were tarnished and kinda ugly. However, the chain was really cool. Maybe I could do something with this. I toyed with the idea of totally transforming it into a multi-strand design with lots of charms, but I liked the style just the way it was. It just needed some tweaking.



First, the old connectors had to go. I realized I had just the thing! I once scored a bunch of art deco style crystals from an old chandelier and I love using them to make jewelry.


I used my jewelry pliers to pry open the jump rings that attached the connectors to the chain. The jump rings are really tiny and it helps to use two pairs – one to hold the rings and one to open them up. One of the pairs has a groove that helps you squeeze and tighten the rings when you are done to make sure there is no gap. We’ve all lost a necklace at some point because the ring got pulled open and the chain slid out.


Next came the clasp. I made my own by hammering some old silver wire. You can always buy clasps from a craft store like Michael’s or an online jewelry supply store like Artbeads.

finished necklace 2

finished necklace

I love the finished product! I think it will look great on its own or layered with other pieces. I could even wear it as a wrap bracelet. It’s got lots of potential.


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