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A Jazzy Glitter Mani

Jazzy Mani

I can’t go into a drugstore without perusing the cosmetic goodies. I’m sure some of you Girlies out there know where I’m coming from. On a recent trip I noticed this new glitter polish from Essie. I love Essie! They make some amazing glitter polishes and Set in Stones is hands down my favorite. I picked up this new glitter called Jazzy Jubilant and fell in love with the chunky mix of purple, turquoise and silver. It was like Mardi Gras in a bottle.

I started with an old bottle of Piggy Polish in a sheer, bright pink color. After that it was time for the glitter!

cardboard palette

I prefer to dab on my glitter strategically, and that can get tricky when you pull out the wand and find yourself with a whole lot of clear polish. I get around this by using a small palette and one of those sponge tip eye shadow applicators. You can get a whole pack of these applicators for a buck at a beauty supply store. Any piece of cardboard or aluminum foil will work for a palette. I just happened to have these souvenir restaurant coasters lying around.




You all know how much I love my stamping plates. I mixed it up and used different flowers from Konad plates M26, M67 and M82.

mani 2I got so many compliments on this!



2 thoughts on “A Jazzy Glitter Mani

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