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You Should Be Watching House of DVF


I watched a lot of TV this holiday season. Seriously… a lot. It started with Game of Thrones. Everyone has just been going on and on about it, and when I finally checked out Season 1 it was like, OMG… where have I been for the past four years? Once I started I couldn’t stop. I’m talking entire days swallowed up by the muckery of the bitchy Queen Regent, her scoundrel brother the dwarf, her horrible brat of a son and Ned Stark’s scattered offspring.

I was surfing the On Demand menus for something else to sink my teeth in and I came across House of DVF. If you ever want to reel me into a TV show all you really have to do is mention the fashion industry or the entertainment industry and promise me an inside look, a peek behind the scenes. I will at least give you my time for one episode.

These competition shows are usually filled with cat fighting, back-stabbing, and beautiful, driven (sometimes desperate) women ready to claw each other’s eyes out for a shot at the Big Time. House of DVF gave you a taste of all of that and it was delicious!

The real magic of it was that you got the sense it was all genuine… which is kind of refreshing in this day of scripted “reality” where everything is staged and the characters are always reading off of a cue card. I mean really, if everyone is going to read a script and improv different scenarios, you should just hire actors. They’re much better at it.

Diane Von Furstenberg is a fashion icon who has been around forever, and it was cool to go inside and see the inner workings of her fashion empire.  This show will take you through a week of events in the Hampton’s where the contestants get to style the rich and famous, including supermodel Jessica White. You also get to go backstage at the DVF show for Fashion Week and watch Diane debut a new collection to the press and the store buyers.

This show is wrapped but you can still catch the entire season at E! Online. You’re welcome!


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