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NYX Eyebrow Gel – Review and Demo

NYX Eyebrow gel

When it comes to eyebrows, I just prefer to fill mine in a bit and keep it moving. I don’t go ham, I don’t tweeze them within an inch of their lives and I definitely do not do that “fill-in-the-box” scary brow thing. I’m one of those people who wants to see the boxy brow trend DIE in 2015.

I have to admit, though, a nice defined brow really does frame the face, and a dramatic smokey eye looks weird without it. I also noticed that my go-to method of filling in my brows with powder eyeshadow alone doesn’t always last all day. I decided to step up my brow game. I started to get that Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, but my wallet was saved when I found out about this new NYX Brow Gel.

This stuff was harder to find than I thought. It wasn’t at my usual ULTA or any of the other places I typically buy NYX. Even the NYX website was sold out! I wound up buying it on Ebay for the very nice price of $6.58 plus shipping. It normally retails for $7. I only bought Chocolate, but this picture from Google does a very good job of swatching all the shades.

NYX drop

I’d heard some complaints that the consistency was too runny, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all. One drop was plenty to fill in my brows with an angled brush (I used the one from ELF studio line).

NYX Eyebrow gel Chocolate Swatch

The Chocolate has a bit more red in it than the Brunette, but it is still a muted cool tone which I really liked.


Here are my brows with no product…


And here are my brows filled in. It’s a nice, natural look that works well with my hair color. It lives up to its claim of being waterproof and your brows will stay put all day. I give it a thumbs up!


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