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Youtube Watch List: DIY with Style


People who know me will tell you that crafting is my THANG! My Christmas gift to my favorite ladies just about every year is handmade jewelry. I am also the Official Holiday Decorator of my family. I like to wrap my mind around some pretty complex craft techniques, but something easy peasy can be just as exciting.

Youtube has some awesome DIY videos, but this one just hooked me in. I love that such an easy project can have such an edgy, cool look.


The video uses seed beads, but you can really use crystal or any kind of bead you like. If you do use larger beads, be sure to string an individual bead between each safety pin on both ends. This will keep your elastic from showing in the gaps.

safety-pin-bracelet-11This project adds a brooch. You can also use a brooch with the technique in the video. The safety pins will support the weight of the brooch – just slide one on when you get to the middle of the bracelet.

This is an awesome idea for a healthy, inexpensive lip balm. I feel where she’s coming from, but I’m sorry… no way am I tossing my lipstick collection. Beauty is pain, people.

Kier was the girl everybody loved to hate on House of DVF but I’m not going to lie… I loved her style. Her “Cote d’Azur” inspiration board was totally on point and she was always so creative. I may be the only one, but I actually liked Brittany less. She just reminded me of those catty mean girls from high school who lived for the chance to make unpopular girls miserable. Am I wrong? Anyway, this spiked bag tutorial from Kier is really quite clever. C’mon. Give her a chance. She might grow on you.



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