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My 5 Fave Trends of 2014 + The One That Must DIE

2014 Trends

Before this new year stops being new, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the trends that have left their mark on me in 2014. These were the trends that captured my imagination and depleted my wallet. They were fun! They gave me new ideas for reinventing my look and evolving my style. I’m not the only one who loved them… they were trends, after all. Take a look and tell me what were your favorites. Also, tell me if you agree that this one trend in particular must… DIE!

Stacked silver braceletsThe Arm Party

Stacked bracelets were a huge trend in 2014. I had so much fun dressing up my wrists with different combos. I experimented with different textures, finishes and tones to create the perfect stack. A great mix of bracelets with metals, leather, stones and even fabric was an easy way to make any outfit more interesting.

nude lip trend

The “Your Lips But Better” Nude

Thank goodness the pasty nude lip trend finally bit the dust. All those lipsticks that were more suited for a corpse kept finding their way into beauty junkie’s makeup collections. I admit to being guilty of it myself. I quickly realized that if I had to work that hard to make a color look good on me with all the lining and glossing and shading I was never going to use it and it wasn’t worth the money.

Fortunately, the trend died and something better emerged to take it’s place. I found a few “your lips but better” nude colors that were incredibly flattering. My faves were MAC Posh Tone and one by Boots No.7 called Bare, which I found on a trip to a Walgreen’s mega store. I also loved my Milani Naturally Chic.

victorias secret

Crochet Crazy

I was crazy for crochet this summer. I’ve always loved anything lacy, and this trend gave me an abundance of options in a fabric I was already into. I picked up skirts and tanks and vests and I will still be working them when everyone has moved on to something else.


The “Kylie Jenner Lip”

Stephanie Seymour made this lip color sexy in he 90’s and Kylie Jenner did us the favor of bringing it back. This matte mauve-y brown lip has been everywhere.


The Easy-Breezy Off-the-Shoulder Shift Dress

Flirty, feminine, lacy and sexy style in a a comfortable, forgiving shape? Yeah… sign me up. I’ve been loving my For Love & Lemons dress, and I also picked up the Desert Island Paisley Dress.

boxy brow

The Boxy Brow Trend Must DIE

Ladies, why are we doing this? No, seriously. I’m telling you, that Dip Brow Pomade is dangerous in the wrong hands. I’m not against a little embellishment on the truth, that’s what makeup is for. I just don’t know why we’ve gone the coloring book route of filling inside the lines. You may get away with it on camera, but it doesn’t translate well to the office on Monday morning. This trend is rooted in drag after all. Just ask Wayne Goss. Put down the pomade, step away from the concealer and no one will get hurt.




6 thoughts on “My 5 Fave Trends of 2014 + The One That Must DIE

  1. I definitely agree with the “boxed brow” look. I have seen people pull it off but that’s because they don’t go overboard. It’s not the shape as much as it is how much it gets filled in, so dark it stops looking natural. You can tell it’s not even hair anymore, just paint.

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