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Center City Philly is Coming UP!!!

new stores philadelphia

forever 21 center city philadelphiaYeah… I’ve been waiting for this. I spend a lot of time in Center City and I can’t count the number of times I’ve been wanting something that I knew I could get at F21 and then tried to figure out how to work a trip to the suburbs into my schedule and been like “Ugh! Why can’t they have a Forever 21 downtown? What is WRONG with this city?!” I never liked H&M nearly as much. I just perceive F21 as being a bit more girly and feminine. I’ve eventually been converted… but still.

When I saw this poster board, I literally squealed in the middle of Chestnut Street. I’m sure that people only stared because they understood my excitement and they were like “Yeah… it’s about time!”

Not only that, there is a similar store wrapping on Walnut Street… for a Michael Kors! I’m telling you, new stores have been popping up like popcorn all over Philly. I know a lot of people don’t like Mayor Nutter. Am I wrong for seeing him in a more favorable light just for satisfying my frivolous retail obsessions?

uniqlo philadelphia

There’s been a lot of buzz over this Uniqlo opening. Of course I had to to check it out when it opened. For research… right? My first thought when I walked in was ummm… I don’t get it. The word that came to mind was generic – just this absence of personality. I’ve seen a few YouTubers haul stuff they got here, so I decided to give it one more try. I actually got into it.

uniqlo phila 1

uniqlo phila 2

Between the music, flashing lights and all the bright, shiny things this store is really fun! I also saw plenty of stylish pieces and the prices are very reasonable. It’s not where you go to find that standout wardrobe piece, but it has a nice selection of basics.

nordstrom rack philadelphia center city

The Nordstrom Rack I was so excited about has finally opened, and I’m loving it! It’s got three stories of designer goodies.

century 21 philadelphia 1

East of City Hall in The Gallery there’s the new Century 21. Now THIS store is impressive.


century 21 inside 1

I walked in and thought hold on… isn’t this supposed to be a discount store? It sure doesn’t feel like a discount store… quite the opposite. Everything was pristine and beautifully displayed.


Everything was kind of upscale… except the price tags! This is my kind of store!

With all the excitement over the Center City makeover, one thing that struck an eerie note was seeing the second food court in The Gallery completely shut down. Businesses that that have been there for decades are gone. The fruit stand where I always bought cherries when I was in high school is closed. Gentrification is always a controversial subject. People lose their businesses and homes and are often left at a terrible disadvantage. I talked to one of the merchants who has a T-shirt stand right across from the closed restaurants, and he said they had to leave because there is a major push to make Philly more progressive. I can understand that. A city stuck in economic recession doesn’t help anyone. I can only hope that the store closings were handled ethically. It’s an interesting story.


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