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Curling Curly Lashes? My Thoughts on the blinc Heated Lash Curler

blinc heated lash curler

There are two beauty tricks I am just not into: lash curlers and falsies. Crunching those tiny hairs in a metal device just that much from my eyeball just doesn’t do it for me. A heated curler, on the other hand… maybe. I saw this review on YouTube for the blinc Heated Lash Curler and I decided to try it. Besides, I had a Sephora VIB coupon for $20 off of $50.

You can’t get this in store so I ordered it from Sephora’s website. The packaging and design are quite nice. It takes a AA battery. You switch it on and in a few seconds you get a gentle heat and it’s ready to go.

blinc curler

blinc curler off

blinc curler on

The tiny wand has an indicator that turns from red to yellow when it’s ready to use. I liked how it felt on my lashes. I looked in the mirror and… nothing. My lashes really didn’t look any different! However, I don’t think the fault is with the device. My hair is very coarse and coily and my lashes just sit up on their own. They’re nothing special, not very long, but they are not wispy or droopy.

For the sake of a fair review, I pulled out a regular lash curler that I once got in a swag bag and tried it. I didn’t hate it as much as I thought. However, that didn’t do anything either.

One reason I bought the curler was that I had a theory that I could use it to fan out my lashes after mascara. That didn’t work. It just melted the mascara and made my lashes spidery.

For some reason, I haven’t returned it. I still kind of like it. I actually think its a good product, just not for me. Oh, well.



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