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Designer Spotlight: Aminah Abdul-Jillil

Aminah Abdul-Jillil Crystal Pumps

When I came across these Crystal Pumps by Aminah Abdul-Jillil on Pinterest I immediately forgot whatever it was I was doing and had to get the deets about these sexy, glittering heels that would be killer with an LBD. Who made these? Where did they come from? What else did they have?

What I found was celebrity dancer turned up-and-coming shoe designer Aminah. This go-getter made her way down from Anchorage, AK to LA at the the age of 18 right after high school and had landed a gig dancing for Britney Spears by age 19. Since that time she’s not only toured with Britney but landed major commercials for Pepsi and New Balance. She’s also starred in the Cirque de Soleil production BELIEVE.

With so much on her plate as a dancer, you might wonder where she found the time for shoe design. At first it was a hobby and an outlet, but once she completed her first designs she became excited about it and wanted to do more with it. The result is a stunning collection of unique footwear.

BP-pink bow sandal

nude bow sandal

The Bow Pumps are a signature style in Amina’s collection.

platform bow sandal

It also comes in a platform style.

bridal bow sandal

This bridal party wore it well.

flat bow sandal

If that heel height is a bit much, you can also try it in a flat sandal.

coin sandal

These fabulous Coin Sandals were made for some exotic beach vacay.



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