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Such Pretty Jewelry!


Over Christmas I was feeding my Youtube addiction as per usual, and Tati was wearing the loveliest pair of hoop earrings. It was one of those things that just sticks in your mind and you find yourself coveting a certain item. During her Christmas Haul video, she really brought it home – the earrings were fabulous, and they could be mine… with a very nice 30% discount code from Tati. Hmmm…

They were from a website called Jewelry to Your Doorstep, and they sell unique jewelry made from quality materials like sterling silver, marcasite, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones for prices that are pretty reasonable considering the level of craftsmanship. These are the kind of elegant, tasteful pieces that you can wear for years and they never go out of style or fall apart. It’s definitely a cut above what you’ll find in H&M or Forever 21. It’s great to have fun trendy pieces that are easy on the wallet, but it’s also nice to invest in a few quality items that always look classy.

They have a great range of styles from everyday pieces to statement jewelry like this Gold Plated Marcasite & Enamel “Majestic” Peacock Necklace ($483). Here are a few of my favorites.


Tri-Color Vermeil and Silver Diamond Cut Italian Earrings ($81)

These were the hoops that caught my eye. I love how the diamond cut rings wink at you as they move. They also come in silver.


Pearl Flower Collar ($322)

Loving these creamy pearl flowers with a hint of sparkle from the marcasite.


Gold Filled Shell Necklace ($60)

The chain details will drape sexily on your decollete. Perfect for a casual night on a beach vacay.


Sterling Silver S Design Collar ($126)

This simple piece can be worn everywhere with everything.


Gold Captivating Calla Lily Crystal Collar ($320)

This unique collar necklace will drape artfully around your neck.


Dragon Biting Snake Bracelet ($644)

I love this funky, edgy bracelet! Perfect for an arm party.


Sterling Silver Marcasite & Enamel Flower Ring ($56)

This pretty flower makes a perfect statement ring.


Sterling Silver Pink Mother of Pearl Dragonfly Ring ($81)

I love the marcasite dragonfly.

Be sure to use Tati’s discount code for 30% off!  FFGET30OFF


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