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The Philadelphia Flower Show

flower show cinderella

My aunt and I have a bit of a tradition. Every year for my birthday she gives me a ticket to The Philadelphia Flower Show – and every year the show is spectacular! One of the event organizers described it as “the largest flower show in the world”, and I’m inclined to believe him. It’s hosted by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. Designers compete and create amazing floral installments and other designs that go above and beyond even the stuff you see on a show like Platinum Weddings. These guys pull out all the stops! They also have plenty of fun and educational demonstrations. Then there’s the shopping. This event is packed with great stuff from beginning to end.


The star of the event is the large-scale installations of floor-to-ceiling designs. This year’s theme was “Celebrate the Movies”, and every floral design at the show was related to the theme. This design was inspired by “Cinderella”.


flower show frozen 2

flower show frozen

An installment inspired by “Frozen”.


flower show alladin

flower show alladin 3

flower show alladin 2

I love the rich, opulent color scheme of this “Alladin” installment.





flower show chair

There were several other creative installments at the show.

flower show jewelry


flower show jewelry 2

I really loved the movie-inspired jewelry competition. The cards explained all the materials used to make each piece. Believe it or not, it’s all paint and plant life.



Pearls made out of chick peas! Who knew!

Hollywood hats flower show

There was a Hollywood Hats competition.

flower show table scape competition

And a Table-Scape competition.

flower show presentations

flower show competition

There were several presentations, and I attended a “Garden to Table” cooking presentation, a presentation on growing cactus and other succulents, as well as my favorite – the Designer’s Studio competition. This competition was like Iron Chef… with flowers. Three local floral designers were given the same materials and thirty minutes to create a design. The florists used lots of interesting tricks including opening roses by hand and stapling large leaves to create their masterpieces.

flower show vendors

On to the shopping! They always have lots of amazing vendors with unique products.

bittersweet herb farms

Every year, Bittersweet Herb Farm returns with their delicious jams, and every year I have to have my Chai Tea Marmalade.

Mary DeMarco jewelry

I also come back to La Contessa by Mary DeMarco jewelry. I love the vintage feel of her pieces.

The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is held in March every year. I highly recommend it!


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