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My Top 12 Most Used Makeup Brushes

Top 12 Makeup Brushes

Brushes. The right tools make a world of difference in your makeup application. With makeup I like to fool around and play with different colors and textures, but when it comes to brushes, I’m looking for that go-to that does exactly what I expect every time. When it works, it just works! I love checking out the online brands and drugstore brands and these 12 are my picks for a perfect set.

EcoTools Tapered Blush Brush ($7)

I’ve played around with blush brushes more than any other type, but it was never quite right. They were too dense or too fluffy or just… meh. I even hand cut a brush trying to get the right shape – total fail. When I found this, I knew it was The One. It’s perfect for that pat and sweep technique that lets you place the blush right where you want it and then blend it to flawless perfection.

Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki ($24)

Sigma Brushes are about as close as I’m willing to come to investing in high end brushes. After listening to Jaclyn Hill go on and on about her love of the F80, I had to experience the Sigma phenomenon for myself. It just made sense. Buffing and working the product into your skin seemed like the best way to get a flawless foundation. Wayne Goss thinks so, too. I tried a Sephora brush, but it wasn’t the same. Once I got this I never looked back.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush ($9)

This brush is great when you want to bronze and get a soft contour in one step. The shape fits nicely in the hollows of your cheeks and it is ju-u-u-u-ust dense enough to define without leaving harsh lines.

Sixplus Skinny Round Top 

I love Sigma, but I was not willing come off the cash and buy the P82. I decided to roll the dice on Ebay brushes. Win! I only paid $5 including shipping (for the individual brush) and I love this brush for blending out my under eye concealer and even basing my eyes with my MAC Paint Pot.

Real Techniques Setting Brush ($8)

This is a great brush for setting your under eye concealer with powder. It’s also a nifty highlighting brush.

Crown C433 Pro Blending Fluff

When I got this brush in a swag bag at The Makeup Show it was a total score. I SO wanted a MAC 217 and now I wouldn’t have to buy one! This is one of those 217 dupes that every line seems to carry. The tapered shape is perfect for small eyes. It’s kind of hard to find Crown brushes outside of trade shows, but I hear you can score them on Haute Look. Secret… it is the exact same thing as the Morphe M433. Shhh!

Sigma E36 Blending ($14)

Small-eyed Girlies, pay attention! This is that brush that will let you do detailed crease work just like the big eyed gals without the color ending up in your brow bone. Really… it’s worth the money. I don’t know of another brush line with anything like it.

Makeup Geek Pencil Brush ($8)

Another one for the small-eyed set. You will not find a more precise pencil brush… more precise even than the Sigma pencil brush. I’ve only just gotten this, but it has quickly found its place in my routine. It’s great for the outer V and smoking out the lower lash line. This brush is always sold out for a reason.

Sigma E55 Flat Shader ($14)

Every Girlie needs a good brush for lid color, so I figured this was a good investment. I’ll be honest, though – you can totally get away with just using that ELF $1 brush.

ELF Small Angled Brush ($3)

I use this for my brows with my NYX Eyebrow Gel. Not too thick, not too thin, no complaints.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Small Angled Cut Brush #15 ($17)

I normally wouldn’t pay this much for an angled liner brush, but I was struggling to find a brush thin enough for my liking (the small-eyed thing again) and I had a Sephora store credit and, well… you know. I’v e gotta hand it to them – talk about razor thin! How crisp do you want YOUR eyeliner?

Black Radiance Smudge Brush 

When do you ever get a brush with DRUGSTORE makeup that isn’t a total waste? I got this in the packaging when I bought some Black Radiance Continuous Eye Color and OMG… it is PERFECT for smudged liner!



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