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Shiny, Pretty Things | Bauble Bar, Coach, Argento Vivo

Jewelry Collage

How did I end up on Bauble Bar? I can’t even remember, really. Wait… I think it had something to do with a Tiffany D video. Yep… blame it on YouTube. If you didn’t know about Bauble Bar, it is a great place to score some very cool, well made jewelry at affordable prices. If you browse on there, you have to check out the Buried Bauble! Twice a week, they pick a couple of items and lower them to $10 and $20! I scored this very cool spike pendant necklace for $10 including shipping! BTW… shipping is super fast.

Bauble Bar Packaging

First of all, can we talk about this packaging? Can they wrap all my gifts for me? Please?

Bauble Bar Goodies

Then I opened it up and found all of this. For ten dollars. I’m definitely impressed. There was even a Maybelline lippie! I was really psyched about this…

Bauble Bar Maybelline Lipstick

…until I saw the color. Ummm… I don’t think I can pull this off.

Bauble Bar Spike Pendant

Anywho, I really do like the pendant. It is organic quartz in an amethyst color. I think it will be perfect for layering. Speaking of layering, you may remember I hauled a similar spike pendant on a silver chain from Lucky Brand.

Lucky Brand Love Pendant


It was perfect for layering in this outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago.

Coach Bangle

I told you all how much I’ve been loving this Coach bangle I found on a trip to TJ Maxx.

Argento Vivo Box

Argento Vivo Hoops

On that same trip, I found these Argento Vivo sterling silver hoops for $20. Considering they normally retail for about $50 and up, I’d say it was a pretty good deal. Isn’t that why we love TJ Maxx?




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