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Beauty Haul | ULTA, Zoya, NYX, Makeup Geek, Makeup Eraser

beauty haul

Hey Girlies! It’s time for some more beauty goodies. I found some very cool, affordable products. I’ve actually tried out a few of them and they’re pretty good.

Palladio Lip Liner Cabernet swatch

Palladio Lip Liner in Cabernet

The search for the perfect Kylie Jenner lip continues. This Palladio lip liner in Cabernet may just be my favorite. The texture is very smooth, and the color is gorgeous. I love how it looks on me! Palladio is one of those brands that I never really pay attention to, but I do like this lip liner formula. You can get it at Sally Beauty.

makeup geek pencil brush liquid gold

Makeup Geek Pencil Brush and Liquid Gold Pigment

I’ve mentioned this pencil brush before, but it is a fairly recent purchase that is becoming a staple. It is one of the most precise fine-point pencil brushes you can get. If you haven’t tried Makeup Geek eye shadows or pigments, you should. The quality and pigmentation is amazing. Utopia is my favorite. I’ve wanted to try this Liquid Gold for a while. It’s just such a funky, intriguing color.

Black Opal Beautiful Bronze swatch

Black Opal Flawless Concealer in Beautiful Bronze

If you are looking for an inexpensive contour stick, you may want to check this out. A highly defined contour is a step I rarely go for since I really prefer the natural effect of bronzing with my MAC powder. I’m really not trying to invest in one of those pricey contour kits.  This is a well formulated product that mimics natural skin tones.

makeup eraser

MakeUp Eraser

Renee from MakeUp Eraser was nice enough to send me one of these to try, and I have a feeling it’s about to become my go-to. I just rub a bit of coconut oil over my eyes and then take off my makeup with this, followed by my Clarisonic. I like it for several reasons.

  • I can skip those makeup wipes that don’t do such a great job anyway.
  • I don’t have to ruin my washcloths with a bunch of gross makeup.
  • This thing actually works. It’s super soft, but it somehow grabs all the makeup. I get hardly any makeup in my Clarisonic brush, especially compared to how my brush would turn brown after taking off my makeup with cleansing wipes.

I haven’t washed mine yet, but the claim is that they come out completely clean after a cycle in the machine. I’m calling this one a winner.

Micro Brow Spoolie, Micro Brow in Espresso, NYX Nude Matte Underneath It All

Micro Brow Spoolie, Micro Brow in Espresso, NYX Nude Matte in Underneath It All

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Espresso and Nude Matte Shadow in Underneath It All

Yes. I’ve decided to try more NYX. I wanted see what all the hype was about this pencil. Don’t judge me. I’ve heard some complaints about the brow spoolie compared to the Anastasia Beverly Hills version, but I rather like it. It’s nice and stiff to shape the hairs.

ULTA Easter

ULTA Easter Deal

I guess if you make anything cheap enough and interesting enough I’ll go for it. ULTA was having this 5 for $10 deal where you could choose any five products from the table and they even threw in this cute little basket. The nail colors I got were Mauve Over (cool tone mauve), Peach Bum (bright coral) and this very cool steel-grey metallic called Biker Chic – this is the color that sucked me in. The wallet was kind of cheap looking but cute enough, and it could really come in handy when you don’t want to carry around too much stuff.

zoya remove+

Zoya Remove+

If you had told me years ago that I would someday pay more than five bucks for some nail polish remover, I would have laughed. However, I was having a problem. If you use glitter, you know how hard it is to get it off of your nails. You may also know that most removers are horrible for your nails. My acetone free remover was a total dud. I had to rub and rub to get the glitter off and it left my nails dry and weak. Something had to give.

This Zoya remover took the polish off quickly and left my nails unscathed. Applying my ULTA coupon bought the ten dollar price down to something more reasonable. The price of beauty… right?



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