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Deals You Should Jump On… Like, NOW

mally gel nail

Fine, I admit it. I’m a beauty junkie. There are a couple of things I’ve been eyeballing for quite sometime. Just waiting for the right moment, for the cash flow to get a little looser. But then, they made me an offer I could not refuse. Here are a couple of sales that I just had to jump on. If you’re into it, get on it. These deals won’t last.

The Mally Beauty 24/7 Professional Gel Nail Kit on QVC – $69

If there is one beauty problem that totally tweaks me it is next day nail chipping. I have a basket full of polishes that never get used simply because I can’t stand the quick chipping. Ever since I saw Tati’s gel nail hack video I’ve been wanting to try the “gelly nail sandwich” technique with regular polish and gel top coat. But the price on those LED lamps… ouch! Yes, you can get a cheap one but the reviews indicate that you get what you pay for. I was planning to get the Red Carpet Manicure lamp and top coat from ULTA at some point, but when I saw this I quickly did the math. This is way more products and a better quality lamp for slightly more than the price of just the basics. I already got mine in the mail and I can’t believe it, but they are still in stock… for now.


Skindinavia Free Products + Free Shipping + 10% OFF

I’ve heard people rave about Skindinavia before and I was like “Whaaaaat? $30 for setting spray? No way.” Truth is I could really use the help setting my makeup and controlling oil. I was just this much from trying that Smashbox Primer Water with my pro discount. This video from Jennifer Wan had me rethink my position. With all the freebies to sweeten the deal, I was in. It didn’t hurt too much. However, this deal has about another 24 hours before it turns into a pumpkin. Use promo code SPRING6 to get 10% off.





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