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Unboxing: Mally 24/7 16 Piece Gel Nail System


I have been dying to try a gel nail system. Just about the biggest reason that I never do my nails is the chipping. It never fails – I can never get more than a full day without the beginnings of tip wear, and very soon my whole manicure is completely shot. I’ve tried all the beauty tips. I’ve tried OPI Bond Aid, Seche Vite, nail buffers, prepping with alcohol and various combinations with all of the above. Leave it to QVC to push me over the edge. When they advertised this Mally 24/7 16 Piece Gel Nail System for $69, I quickly did the math. The only other system I’ve seen that gets really good reviews is the Red Carpet Manicure set. The LED light alone is $50 at Ulta. So I got this and I can’t wait to try it!

mally gel polish bag

mally gel polish kitIt all comes neatly packed in this very pretty makeup bag that will be very handy for traveling.

mally led light

There’s the LED light with settings for 30, 60 and 90 seconds. In the QVC demo they never use the 90 second setting. I haven’t seen another system advertised that dries as quickly.

mally boxed products

mally nail system products

You get a ton of product with this including three nail colors, top coat, base coat, primer, nail cleanser, nail prep and cuticle oil. I’m not that interested in the base coat, but the primer is supposed to be a key factor in the system.

mally nail colors

The three colors included are Big Apple, Aristocrat and Tutu. I like Tutu the best, but I really didn’t get this for the polishes. I want to know how well the system works with regular polish and gel top coat (and perhaps the primer). Please note that I didn’t even bother to cure these swatches with the LED light. I just slapped on two coats for demo purposes.

mally system extras
mally extras 2

You also get plenty of extras: a nail file, cuticle pusher, lint-free wipes, instruction booklets, remover and a tray.

I can’t wait to try it and report back with a review! ‘Til next time, Girlies. 😉



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