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Spring Into Summer Haul


spring into summer haul

Hey Girlies! I’m so excited about this time of year! I love the warm weather! Time to paint your toes and slip them into some sandals. We’ve finally reached that point where you no longer have to worry about the temps dipping down into something frigid. Pull out your favorite tees and your sexy summer skirts.

With the change in season, it’s time to update with some essentials. I’ve picked up a few things that I want to work into my look in the coming months.

BCBG Sandals

I found these BCBGeneration sandals on clearance in TJ Maxx and they were a must have. These will be the perfect thing for maxi dresses and days when I want to be comfortable but add a little bit of glamour, The gold branded T-bar is what makes these the bomb.

coach flip flops

I also found these Coach flip flops in Burlington Coat Factory. Was I being a label whore? Maybe a little. But honestly, they offered more cushion and comfort and arch support than brands like Clark’s. There’s nothing worse for your feet than wimpy flip flops.

old navy vintage tees

These Vintage V-Neck Tees from Old Navy are awesome. I had one a long time ago and I literally wore it til it started to fall apart. It’s a super soft, quality cotton blend with a beautiful fit and the deep V gives a basic jeans and tee a lot of sex appeal. The blush colored top is a similar style from New York & Co.

kate spade turnlock

My obsession with stacking continues. I swore I was done collecting bracelets. Why am I buying ALL the bracelets??? But once I scored my Coach bangle I had a spark of inspiration. How cute would it be stacked with a second one in a similar style? I found this Kate Spade Turnlock bangle on Ebay.

stacked turnlock bangles

How cute are they together?!

skindinavia spray

Onto some beauty! I took advantage of the sale on Skindinavia and picked up some setting spray. Keeping your makeup in place on hot summer days requires a little extra help.

badescu facial spray

I also re-upped on one of my frugal favorites, the Mario Badescu Facial Spray. This will be my third bottle. I use it just before foundation and while I do my makeup. It hydrates and helps with blending my makeup. Plus you can’t beat the price. What’s not to love about this stuff?

morphe m501

I finally got it! The Morphe M501 came in and sold out almost immediately, but I managed to snag one. I can’t wait to try it out for highlighting.

it cosmetics liner brush

It Cosmetics was nice enough to send me some of their Liner Love to try as well as this insanely cool dual end brush. The pencil brush is even more precise than the Makeup Geek brush, and the fenced angled liner is the absolute perfect brush for applying brow gel or pomade.

OPI Pretty Pink Perserveres

I also picked up OPI Pretty Pink Perseveres from ULTA. LisaLisaD1 wore it in a recent video and I found myself coveting it.

That’s it! Let me know what you’ve picked up in preparation for the warm weather. Later Girlies!

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