Nailing It

Sparkling Cerulean Pedicure

Mineral Fusion Cerulean Rock Spring Pedi

I am just loving this pedicure! It started with a beautiful turquoise creme called Cerulean Rock by Mineral Fusion. I bought this gorgeous polish from Whole Foods a couple of years back on a lust at first sight impulse, but for some reason I’ve barely touched it. It’s the kind of color I’m only going to wear on my toes because bright manis just aren’t my thing.

Cerulean Rock pedi 2

There’s nothing very original going on with this design. I went back to my old standbys using the same stamps from the same Konad plates. What can I say? It works for me. I also used my tried and true Essie Set in Stones for a touch of glitter. The color combination is what makes it fresh and interesting for me. The pink flower was done using an old China Glaze polish in Admire and the butterflies are in Konad White. The second toe is done using a flower from Konad Stamping Plate M82.

Mineral Fushion Cerulean Rock

Mineral Fusion Cerulean Rock ($6)

cerulean pedi


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