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Caramel Hazelnut Coffee Frappe

caramel hazelnut coffee frappe

Hey Girlies! Today I thought I’d take a different turn and tell you about what has been one of my favorite treats this summer. I have come up with my OWN whipped coffee! It’s super easy to make your own at home. I like this way better than those overpriced beverages at everyone’s favorite coffee hangout. What really irks me is that after spending four bucks I’m still not really satisfied.  When I order theirs, I’m in it for the sugar, but I always end up with that overwhelming coffee flavor that is just way too strong. Don’t they get that this is dessert parading as coffee? Do I have all day to explain it while being a brat in the process? No and no.

The best thing about it is you are free to customize it with whatever coffee, milk, syrups, and flavors you like best. All you need are some basic ingredients and a blender.

frappe ingredients

For this I’m going to blend coffee, half and half, hazelnut syrup and caramel syrup. My favorite Torani Hazelnut Syrup can be a little tough to find. Sometimes I get lucky and stumble on it in Ross or the supermarket, but I was excited to learn that I could find this in a gourmet food shop in downtown Philly called DiBruno Bros. (they offer shipping!).You can just use any caramel syrup for ice cream. I prefer half and half because you get an extra-frothy whip in the blender, but of course you can use the milk of your choice.

The trick is to make this stronger and sweeter than you’d really like it to be so that it’s not watery when you dilute it with ice. It really is a matter of taste. You can use espresso if you want it extra strong. Maybe try your favorite flavored coffee.

frappe and ice

Once I’ve mixed up my coffee I’m going to blend it on high speed without ice for a nice frothy whip (I’m using a NutriBullet). I will then add in a cup of crushed ice and give it another quick blend.

Finish things off with a swirl of whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel syrup. Don’t forget the straw. There you have it – your own homemade whipped coffee! Enjoy!

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