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New Beauty Stores! NYX in Cali and # in NYC

hashtag store

You all know I’m a NYX girl. Before they were available everywhere, it was just a cheap, easy thrill at the local beauty store… right next to the weave and the hair gel. Since that time, they’ve evolved and developed awesome products that give the high end brands a run for their money. And NOW… a NYX store!

That’s right! This fall they will be opening two stores in Cali. I bet they’ll even have the oldies but goodies like that fantastic Mega Shine lip gloss in a bazillion gorgeous colors. Some things just never get old. On October 2 a store will open in Arcadia, CA and on October 9 they will open a store in Torrance, CA at the Del Amo Fashion Center.

If you east coast Girlies are feeling left out, you can check out another fab new store in NYC from Ricky’s. Hashtag is a cool concept store that curates specific beauty favorites that are trending on social media but are often hard to get on the ground. They’ve even got Morphe! Hashtag is located in SoHo, so if you make a trip into the Big Apple, be sure to check them out.

Happy shopping, Girlies!

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