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My Favorite Finds on Ebay

ebay finds

Ebay is kind of like the world’s greatest flea market… only you don’t have to walk through it. Or pick through piles of junk to get to what you want. It’s just better, and a few search terms are all it takes to turn up a designer bag you’ve been lusting after for a fraction of the price or some interesting finds that suit your needs.

I’ve had great success finding coveted items on Ebay at fantastic prices. I’ve also figured out how to navigate the site and get what I want.

Express Baby Doll Top

Express Babydoll Top

I found a top very similar to this in an Express store, right down to the color, and it was the LAST ONE on CLEARANCE! I was  totally in love with it, but sadly, I couldn’t pick it up right then. I went back for it the very next day and it was GONE. After mourning my loss, I got determined. I set up a search on Ebay, and got email alerts every day until this top showed up in my results. This time I would not be disappointed – the top is safely in my closet.

SixPLUS Skinny Round Top

Sixplus Skinny Round Top Brush ($5)

My Sigma makeup brushes are the crowning jewels of my brush collection, and they really do deliver MAC quality at much more affordable prices. However, I’m all about drugstore makeup brushes and my Sigma brushes are the only three in my collection that cost more than $10. I was really coveting the Sigma P82 Precision Round brush, but could not justify $21 + shipping to get it. One of my favorite YouTubers was always talking about getting her brushes on Ebay. I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. This Sixplus brush is everything I hoped for and it was only five bucks! I use it to blend out my under eye concealer.

Lucky Brand Neklace

Lucky Brand Flower Necklace

Ebay secret: Ordering jewelry from overseas is a great way to avoid paying the outrageous markup. I love Lucky Brand jewelry, but the necklaces typically run $30 to $50. I scored this necklace for eight bucks!

gingko leaves

Lucky Brand Ginkgo Leaf Set

I also found this necklace and earring set for $10. The extra long chain makes it great to wear with sweaters.

Thai Silver Discs

Thai Silver Hammered Discs

I make jewelry, and once I found some Thai silver discs at one of my favorite bead stores. They were beautiful, and I could immediately see them in an earring design. Problem was, each disc was five dollars. Jewelry supplies can be gotten from overseas on Ebay for excellent prices. The discs for these earrings were only one dollar each and it’s one of my favorite pair.

silicone gloves

Silicone Gloves ($6)

Sigma came out with a makeup brush cleaning glove, and it was all over YouTube. The Sigma version of this glove is $35. I found the glove intriguing but the price is absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. I found this glove for $6 with free shipping and it suits me just fine. You know what? It really does help me get all the gunk out of my makeup brushes… and protects my hands, too!

stardust hairpin

rhinestone hairpin

Rhinestone Buttons

Rhinestone buttons are awesome for jewelry making – especially hairpins. You can just wire a button onto a hairpin for an instant sparkly accessory. Ebay has tons of them.

Isabella Fiore Woven Glory

Isabella Fiore Woven Glory Handbag

I’ve said before that I really have a thing for Isabella Fiore handbags. My first bag from this brand was the Bow Peep bag, which is just like Woven Glory except the body of the bag is stitched instead of woven. I had the misfortune of getting robbed and they took my bag (No worries! I wasn’t hurt!). It was my favorite bag and I really missed it. I lurked the internet until I found my replacement. As usual, Ebay delivered a great deal. I got this bag brand new for about half off of retail. It still had the tags and the dust cover.




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